6 Things All Businesses Must Do Now

There is a human tendency to get caught up in the moment. In a crisis, the fight or flight response kicks in, and we, well, either flee or fight.

The mistake we make is to believe that the situation we are in today is special, unique, and temporary. We try to define normal and wait for the world to return to the way it was while we do our best to shield ourselves from the impact of the crisis today.

But the truth is that the world we live in is continually changing and there is no normal. Almost everything is out of our control. So the key to surviving a crisis is to come back to what we can control. This implies figuring out how we can get out of the day to day noise, focus on the management practices that will get us through the crisis, and define the actions we need to take now.

With this post, these videos and this information, we want to give you a framework for breaking through fight or flight and taking control of those things you can control.

This starts with making space, then settling on a mindset for managing in challenging times, and then we can focus on the business needs. Along those lines, we have created a couple of videos and a webinar to help manage through the COVID storm.

Video: Finding Space

In this video Jeff talks about finding space and breaking out of the flight or fight response. 

Video: Management Practices

In this video Jeff talks about management practices useful in a crisis. 

Webinar: 6 Things Businesses Must Do Now

In this webinar Jeff goes through the 6 things that businesses (business owners) must do now to effectively manage their business and plan for the future. 

We include a number of resources in this webinar including: 

  • Our Budget Template, which you can download here
  • Our cash flow burn rate template, which you can download here
  • You can find the Mind of a Fox book here
  • And if you would like to talk about coaching you can put time on Jeff’s calendar here
 We hop you find this information useful and welcome your feedback.