Unclaimed Property Risk: What Should Companies Know?

Noncompliance comes with substantial financial and reputational exposures, and, to make matters worse, UP compliance has been overlooked in the past. What’s more, every state has its own complex set of laws. That means even your accountant may be in slightly unfamiliar territory!

But you don’t need an accountant to add this one up: it’s time to get caught up on what your company needs to know about unclaimed property risk.

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IRS Audits: What Taxpayers Need to Know in 2023

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH All eyes are on the IRS this year, with interim Commissioner Douglas O’Donnell (Charles Rettig’s term ended in November of 2022) assuming leadership of a long cash-strapped agency now flush with billions of dollars of new funding and eager to crack down on tax evaders. As the IRS kicks…

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Smart Record-Keeping: The Taxpayer’s Essential Guide

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH For many taxpayers, the word “audit” alone triggers anxiety and stress. In fact, as this survey reveals, 47% of Americans feel anxious when they receive any correspondence from the IRS, with nearly a third worrying they will be audited despite feeling very confident that their tax returns are error-free.…

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