Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions

One way in which we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is through value-added services. These services go above and beyond traditional accounting to provide the management clarity you need for success. 

Business Accounting Services

We handle all of your business accounting needs either through our standard startup back-office services or customized enterprise services – whichever meets your needs more effectively.

Our accounting services cover:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Tax preparation
  • Compliance
  • Payroll management
  • Setting up your accounting capabilities
  • Reporting
  • Advisory

External CFO Services

Beyond accounting, we support our clients External CFO Services. 

Your numbers tell a story about your company: what is working, what isn’t, and where the opportunities lie.

We help you see, understand, and act on that story.  We become a true financial advisor supporting you in growing and improving your business.

This includes, where appropriate, looking at owners’ & shareholders’ personal financial health and monitoring their tax and estate planning.

You don’t just get a better business, you get more benefit from having a better business.

In our experience, many business owners are involved in every facet of their operation.  They often focus on sales and driving the top line and don’t have the resources to worry about the rest.

Hiring a strong financial team can be expensive.  With Rosenberg Chesnov You don’t have to hire a full-time CFO or financial team to get the benefits of high-quality financial management.

Through us, you can access high-level expertise without paying the salary of an entire team to deliver it.

This way you grow the top line and we give you the tools to ensure top-line growth yields bottom-line benefit.

Proactive Monitoring

When reporting on historical information for a business or organization, delays in delivering monthly or quarterly reports can be catastrophic.

Even worse, once delivered, the information tends to be insufficient.

Historical data is an analysis of what has already happened. So we take a very proactive approach and enhance the reports by tracking various “key metrics” that will assist in monitoring critical daily, weekly and monthly activities, where appropriate, to quickly spot trends that will be crucial to the success of our clients.

We move beyond what has happened to give you a picture of what is happening. 

Along with proactive monitoring, we will provide an ongoing analysis of internal controls which minimizes surprises in business performance. We also focus on predictive metrics that help to forecast future profits and cash flow, enabling our clients to better plan out their year.

Our deliverables are more than just the standard financial statements.

We provide more management style reporting, focusing on the details that are integral to the success of their business.

Take control of your finances with accounting that delivers

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