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Get control of your business’s finances, so that you can focus on growing your business.

The Challenge ALL Founders Face

Founding a business is a demanding task – there are a lot of moving parts.  Dealing with cash flow, finances, accounting, and investor reports becomes a time-consuming distraction.  If you have ever felt overwhelmed by back-office tasks or concerned that you don’t have time to get it under control then this message is for you.


Here is why: to be successful you must focus on your business.

You shouldn’t be distracted with back-office tasks.


Yet, they must get done. 

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Ignoring back-office tasks makes the problem worse.

What most people do when facing the annoyance of accounting, finance, and back-office is, well, ignore them or put them off.  They end up managing their financial back-office using bank account statements, and guesses.

This never works out

  • Bank statements are backward-looking, incomplete and painful to sort through.
  • Decision making requires clear information not an out of date transaction record.
  • Investors want transparency, clear statements, and constant communication not a pile of senseless documents.

And what happens if you do nothing?  If you keep doing what you have been doing?

You either end up swamped in a back-office morass or just can’t find the time to drive your business forward.


Either way, your business, and your future are on the line.

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We Are Your Back Office Partner

We have solved this problem.  We have been working with startups for nearly 45 years.  We are investors who have been frustrated by the lack of information and operators who need to make decisions.  We understand the cash crunch of early-stage companies and understand the overwhelming task of managing your financial back office.

You need a team of people, but you can’t possibly afford a team of people.

Nor should you.

Which led to creating The Startup Back Office, where we take over the work so that our clients don’t ever have to think about this again.  They work on their business; we keep them informed and ahead of the curve.

With this support, you have the freedom to run your business and become a Rockstar startup founder.

Are you ready to take on the world?

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It Worked For Them

President, Union Market

I can only speak in superlatives.  We have been getting so much personal attention since the beginning. …  He has been instrumental in all of our business and financial decisions as we have been growing.  Jody provides such a comprehensive financial and accounting coverage in every single aspect of our business.

R.J., CEO & Founder
Various NYC Startups

If you are a startup who needs a hyper-responsive, helpful, AND reasonably priced accountant, Rosenberg & Chesnov CPAs. Absolute legends!

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Now, it is your turn…

When you get the Startup Back Office today, you will get the key to:


  • Better decision making
  • Spending less on back-office tasks but gaining
    all of the benefits of having them done.
  • Fundraising
  • Managing investors


It all comes as part of our package where we deliver:


  • Bookkeeping, never enter another transaction again.
  • Financial reports, know what you have and when.
  • Forecasts so that you know what is coming.
  • Investor reports, rock-solid numbers that make you look professional
  • Valuations that meet all regulatory needs.
  • Tax filings, annual quarterly and estimates.
  • Cash flow advice so that you can find the extra cash you need to grow.
  • Operations support, we’ve been there and we’ve got your back.
Take Control Today

But the cost…

You may think this is a lot.  But this isn’t out of your reach.  We know how to work with startups, and our services cost a fraction of what you would spend putting the right person or people in place or even doing it yourself.


Critically, we scale with you – today, maybe you just need one report or one filing.  That is okay; we can do that.  Next year when you are 1000% bigger and need a full suite of services and support, we’ve got that too.

Take Control Today

And you can’t lose.

You are 100% safe to try this out, in fact, that is all we are asking – give this a try.

Your first consultation is completely free and you will walk away from that conversation with real, tangible, advice you can use.

If you start working with us and don’t feel more in control you stop.

It’s that easy. 

Time for a Decision…

You have a choice to make: do what you have always done (or even worse, do nothing).  You know that path, you’ve seen that movie.  Is that where you want to go?

Or do something new.  And get a whole new result, become the Rockstar entrepreneur – start the journey toward talking in 10s of millions of dollars.

Are you ready for greatness?
Do you want your business to conquer the world? 

Here is what to do now, click below to book a free consultation.  Our super friendly staff will give you a call to make sure we are aligned, that there is some benefit in this for you, and then set up a time to meet.

We will meet for an evaluation session, where we go through your current state and how you are currently managing your finances (don’t worry if the picture isn’t pretty, we’ve seen it all).

From there, we figure out the best next steps, we give you a proposal, and you start the journey to becoming a startup unicorn.

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