Last Updated: March 25 2020

IRS Frequently Asked Questions for Filing and Payments 


Some Details

  • Deadline extended for all tax return due 4/15  (Individual, Business, Trust, Estate Income Tax) 
  • States are (will be) following the IRS deadlines 
  • If you file and are due a REFUND they will be processed as usual 
  • Extended Deadline for 4/15 payments due on 2019 income tax or 2020 Q1 payments, as of now, 6/15 Estimates are still due 6/15 

Other items to note 

  • IRA contributions allowed to 7/15 
  • No guidance yet on tax returns that are due in May, June, etc. 
  • If you file your returns now and are due a REFUND they will be processed as usual 
  • Payroll tax due dates have not changed 

What if I filed and an automatic payment was set up –  can I change it? 

  • You can allow the payment or call 888-353-4537 to revoke it within 48 hours of the date the payment is supposed to be taken 


New York and New Jersey have followed suit.  This means that filing and payments will be due on July 15.  We hear from our clients that people still want the clarity of completed taxes earlier rather than later, so we are working hard to get them done in the next month.   

If you are interested in other states, ask us or check out this useful resource from the AICPA