Do you need an accountant to file your taxes?

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH This may seem like a funny question for a tax preparing CPA firm to answer, but the truth is we get it all the time.  Clearly, we have a vested interest in the answer is yes you do.  But, part of our commitment to client service is to help prospects and…

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The PPP Second Draw

Note, to qualify for the “second draw” you must have borrowed money in the first round, a “first draw,” and spent the money.   If you did not apply for a PPP loan last year, you can now apply for a “first draw” PPP loan – that option is available to you and the banks…

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December 2020 Stimulus Bill

Congress has agreed on a stimulus package, which we expect to pass today (December 21, 2020).  Several items could directly affect you, so I want to highlight them here.   As we have seen with this legislation: changes happen.  So the exact details will likely take a few days to settle.  This email outlines what…

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A tool for the times: build teams at a distance

Remember conversations by the watercooler?   In this client spotlight, we want to introduce you to a client who has a low cost, low interruption, high impact virtual watercooler alternative: trivia.  It turns out that watercooler conversations matter when it comes to building rapport and developing relationships within an organization.   HP developed a whole management practice…

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Can I use the 3508EZ form to apply for PPP loan forgiveness?

3508EZ PPP Loan

The Treasury Department updated the PPP loan application to account for the new reals established by the Flexibility Act. They also introduced a new form the EZ form which is significantly simpler then the full form. You can use the EZ form if you meet two criteria. First, you have not have reduced compensation for…

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How a virus turned a Shanghai staple into a food movement.

Every morning in Shanghai and across China, thousands of people line up to get their daily Jianbing fix.  The Jianbing breakfast is iconic, traditional, and deep history in China. The Jianbing also happens to be delicious. Reuben Shorser discovered Jianbing living in Shanghai.  Tadesh Inagaki discovered Jianbing while visiting Reuben.  Together they saw a culinary…

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Here is the mysterious SBA form 3502

SBA form 3502

We are making the SBA form 3502 available here on our website because for some reason the SBA itself is not distributing the form. It is not available on their website (SBA forms are here). Please note that we are accountants. We would love to talk to you about managing your books, developing strategies, or…

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Introduction to strategy on a page

Strategy on a page

First, take a deep breath.  This looks a little bit complicated, but it isn’t. Describing it, however, can be complicated.  So, please take your time reading through this and ask questions – that will help us improve the content.   Below I go through the purpose of the strategy on a page and how to use strategy on…

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How to open for business safely

Reopen your business

Clearly as COVID-19 continues to spread the economy will need to be open for business while also living with the virus. Ideally we can find a balance where we are open for business and also managing the spread of infection. At Rosenberg Chesnov we think the key to opening and staying open is to heed…

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You can open, should you?

open for business

One question that has surfaced a lot lately is “should I reopen,” especially restaurants, service business, nail salons, are thinking about whether this is the right move.   This is a multifaceted question:  The first consideration is whether you should open for health reasons. COVID-19 is a risk, and we all have to manage the opening…

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