What Does the Infrastructure Bill Mean for You?

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GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH Last week, one of the largest federal infrastructure packages in United States history became law after months of debate and negotiation.  The sweeping bill called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, allocates $1.2 trillion in funding for roads and bridges, public transit, electric energy, broadband internet, clean drinking water,…

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Is an HSA (Health Savings Account) right for you?

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH It’s no secret: healthcare in the United States is expensive.  From health insurance premiums to deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-pocket expenses, medical costs in this country have been rising for decades.  In 2019, U.S. healthcare spending reached $3.8 trillion. That works out to a staggering $11,582 per person, or nearly 18% of…

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W-2 vs. 1099 Employees: Which Should You Hire?

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH When starting a business, you often do not have the funds or the work to hire full-time employees. So, you hire contractors to help you grow. This is fine as long as contractors are doing part-time, contract-type work. However, as your business grows, this part-time work can become full-time,…

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