Early Retirement Distribution: How to Get the Most Out of Yours

It’s becoming more and more common for American workers to access their retirement funds earlier than the IRA withdrawal age of 59 ½.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to optimize your tax planning strategy and get the most out of your early retirement distribution.

Read on to learn about early retirement distributions, how a SEPP plan can help you avoid penalties, and how to make your withdrawals more tax-efficient.

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Corporation Meeting Requirements: Your Essential Guide

Corporation meeting requirements are different depending on the type of corporation and the state in which you incorporated it; state law and the corporation’s own bylaws set the rules by which the corporation holds valid meetings, takes proper actions, and keeps appropriate records and documentation. 

To discover more about general meeting requirements for all corporations and corporations with a single shareholder, two shareholders, or three or more shareholders, continue reading. 

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What Is Nexus?

Nexus can be a confusing term. However, it can directly affect an entity’s tax liability and, therefore, the bottom line. 

In general, if your business has tax nexus in another state, you need to be aware of some additional rules and obligations. This guide will help you understand what tax nexus is and how it applies to your company.

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The Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit: Do You Qualify?

Is your small business booming? If so, you may be considering offering your employees a group healthcare plan. A group healthcare plan ensures your great team stays healthy and happy as they continue to help the business succeed.

Read on to learn more about the small business healthcare tax credit, including what it is, how it works, whether or not your small business may qualify, and how to claim the credit.

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These Tax-Planning Tips Will Help Newlyweds Save Money in 2022

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH Marriage is an important milestone in many people’s lives. Yet, while starting a new life together can be exciting, it can also be very expensive. The honeymoon, a house or apartment, furniture, and household supplies, transportation, groceries,  insurance, and attorney fees…the costs can add up quickly. So, for many…

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