Starting an LLC? Read This First


GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH Why form an LLC? For plenty of entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business, one of the first questions they ask themselves is: What form of business entity is best for their needs? With plenty of options to choose from, and with your decision impacting everything from how…

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Corporation Meeting Requirements: Your Essential Guide

Corporation meeting requirements are different depending on the type of corporation and the state in which you incorporated it; state law and the corporation’s own bylaws set the rules by which the corporation holds valid meetings, takes proper actions, and keeps appropriate records and documentation. 

To discover more about general meeting requirements for all corporations and corporations with a single shareholder, two shareholders, or three or more shareholders, continue reading. 

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Employee or Independent Contractor? An Employer’s Guide

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH When you hire someone, it’s essential to understand the type of relationship you have with them. The most critical information you’ll need to know is classifying the workers you pay for services. This is not just a good idea for how you interact with the workers — it is also required…

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Considering an S Corporation? Start Here.

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH Building a company?  One of the first and most crucial decisions you will need to make concerns your business structure.  This choice will impact almost every aspect of your endeavor, from day-to-day operations and management to legal factors such as shareholder liability and tax considerations such as whether or not…

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3 Business Management Tips That Will Reduce Your Stress

GET IN TOUCH GET IN TOUCH Are you feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of managing your business?  You’re not alone. Business management is not easy, regardless of whether you’re an experienced owner or a new entrepreneur. In fact, in some ways, managing a small business can be just as challenging as running a Fortune 500…

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